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I started receiving cold laser treatment for chronic low back pain 5 weeks ago. I am amazed at how well it has worked! I’m experiencing at least 75% reduction in the level of nagging pain . . . very please with the results!

- D. S. for Dr. McGarrah

Dr. Witt and her staff are wonderful! I came in with back spasms that took my breathe away and after a few weeks I felt great! Dr. Witt also showed me exercises to do that would strenghten the area! It is a great, friendly office atmosphere.

- H. M. for Dr. Witt

Dr. Witt and her entire staff are wonderful. It is a joy to be in their office. Everyone is super nice and professional, and you leave feeling better!

- A. C. for Dr. Witt

My chiropractor of 25-years retired and he recommended Dr. Michael McGarrah. Dr McGarrah treats you with a holistic approach. He’s kind, compassionate and listens to your concerns, then applies the best overall treatment for a full recovery. Dr McGarrah has also provided objective insights (second opinions) into X-Rays and MRI’s that were ordered by other Doctors, taking the time to explain in detail chiropractic services that can sometimes prevent having surgery. I’ve been successfully treated for all areas ranging from neck, mid-back, lower spine, arthritis and bursitis. The entire support team of Chiropractic Assitants and office staff are very professional, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable.

- K. D. for Dr. McGarrah

Dr. Witt has alleviated my neck pain with the adjustments. I have experienced pain and headaches everyday for 20 years, but since I have started chiropractic treatments I haven’t had a headache in three weeks, which I didn’t believe was possible. Thanks!

- K. A. for Dr. Witt

I have been a patient of Dr Witt for years now. I keep coming back because they have the most friendly staff and professional manner.

- L. J. for Dr. Witt

When I first came to Dr. Witt, I could hardly walk or stand in one place. My pain was constant and excrutiating. After 2 1/2 months of treatment my pain is not gone completely, but is very tolerable. I can actually walk and stand and even clean some (ugh!) The staff is awesome and made me feel at home.

- L. B. for Dr. Witt

The staff at Dr. Witt’s office is such a pleasure! Morgan and Lori are efficient and caring and make each visit so comfortable and enjoyable. Dr. Witt put me at ease immediately upon my first visit. She listens carefully to your symptoms and adjusts the treatment to fit the current state of your health. At the front desk, Marsha quickly gets you paid up, rebooked and out the door. If you are apprehensive about chiropractic care, you won’t have to here. Dr. Witt and her group make sure you get the care you need in the most comfortable way possible.

- L. M. for Dr. Witt

I have been a patient of Dr. McGarrah’s for approximately 30 years! (In fact, I’ve been a patient longer than any of his current office workers have been there!) For most of those years, I saw him on a monthly basis and every single visit was helpful to me physically.
Over that period of time he has become not only my chiropractor, but also a very trusted friend. I can’t begin to count the number of people we have referred to McGarrah Chiropractic over those 30 years. I have total confidence in him and am quick to share that confidence with anyone in need of some physical adjustment.
The employees in his office are all very kind and very personable. Lori has done massage therapy on me too many times count and it was always helpful. In recent weeks I have also taken advantage of the new low light laser therapy which is offered.
On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely rate this practice as a 10+.

- N. K. for Dr. McGarrah

When I began having low back pain in my early fifties, I scheduled an appointment with my medical doctor. He prescribed a muscle relaxant and rest. The medicine made me goofy. Next, I went to an orthopedic doctor and he prescribed a steroid shot (which I declined) and physical therapy. After weeks of therapy, I was in marginally less pain and I was experiencing spasms that kept me from doing the simplest dally activities. I next tried acupuncture which never helped. As a last desperate cry for help, I located a chiropractor and scheduled an appointment very quickly. After x-rays and an exam, my diagnosis was compression and degenerative disease of L4 and LS discs. The chiropractor recommended a regimen of adjustment, traction, and at home exercise for me. Within 4-6 months, I was pain free and able to sit down, get up, and bend over without a back spasm. I have continued a maintenance program and years later I am still pain-free and able to play with my grandchildren and to play a few sets of tennis weekly. If not for chiropractic care, I’m sure my physical activity would be both limited and painful.

- P. M. for Dr. Witt

The cold laser therapy combined with adjustments has helped me a lot. When I first started the treatment I was in a lot of pain. The area of inflammation included my neck, mid back, lower back and right knee. I was taking eight arthritis strength Tylenol a day. Two every eight hours to take the edge off of the pain. After nine treatments of the cold laser my pain level has diminshed tremendously. The orthopedic doctor has suggested that I needed knee replacement. After the laser treatment I think I will be able to avoid the surgery. I am now taking tow Tylenol at bedtime. I can move around so much easier now. I am amazed at the improvement in my body.

- R. K. for Dr. McGarrah

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